Checkout Additional Fees

Sometimes you may want to add an option to your checkout that gives your customers something extra for a fee. For example, you could offer rush fulfillment to get their order out the door faster than your usual process would allow. For custom products, maybe you want to let the customer pay extra to speed up your production timeframe on their order.

Shift4Shop’s Checkout Additional Fees module is made for this. This flexible feature allows you to create checkout selections that will add a fee to the customer’s order depending on their selection. This means you can offer any extra service you can think of to go along with their order. Checkout Additional Fees can help you serve your customers better and increase order values without raising prices on your products. It’s included free in Shift4Shop End-to-End eCommerce, and also available separately in the App Store.

Top Features

  • Create checkout questions that add an extra charge to a customer’s order depending on their selection
  • Base the fee on a flat amount or a percentage of the customer’s order
  • Use a dropdown menu or radio buttons, optionally require the customer to make a selection before they proceed, and more

Shift4Shop’s Checkout Additional Fees in Action


Shift4Shop’s Checkout Additional Fees Gallery


Checkout Additional Fees Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are Checkout Additional Fees for gift wrapping, handling charges, etc.?

While you can use Checkout Additional Fees in any way you desire, Shift4Shop already has built-in features for many other types of “extras” including gift wrapping and handling charges. Checkout Additional Fees are great for fees that don’t fit into any type that has a pre-existing tool. But you can use it however you feel is best for your business.

  • If I set the fee as “Required” is it always going to force the customer to pay the extra fee?

Not necessarily. Setting fees to be required simply makes the customer choose before they can proceed with checkout. The selections you give them could be “Yes” and “No,” with only “Yes” applying the fee. This ensures the customer has seen the extra fee option, which could be something like “Do you want rush fulfillment on this order for an extra charge?”

  • How do I get Checkout Additional Fees on my Shift4Shop store?

If your store is on our free End-to-End eCommerce plan, or on Shift4Shop Pro or higher, you can activate Checkout Additional Fees in the Modules section of your Shift4Shop Online Store Manager. Otherwise, you can buy Checkout Additional Fees in the Shift4Shop App Store to make it available.


Checkout Additional Fees Feature Testimonials

“I do custom woodworking, and I like to let customers pay extra for me to build their product faster. Basically they’re paying me to work overtime to hurry up my production. Checkout Additional Fees makes it really easy to set this up. I know how many hours it takes me to build any given project, so I can offer a list of production timeframes and charge accordingly for the overtime hours it would take me to finish their order within that period. Turns out customers don’t mind paying extra when they can get their custom-built product sooner, especially if they need it in a hurry, like for a birthday gift. It works out for me and for them too!.”

October 27, 2020