Doba Dropshipping Integration

Dropshipping is an attractive business model for many. The ability to sell products with little to no up-front investment is a fantastic proposition if you’re looking to get a new business off the ground. Of course, there can be problems involved, like low-quality merchandise, long shipping times, or difficulty finding products that will sell. That’s why Shift4Shop has partnered with Doba, a premier dropshipping supplier with access to over 2 million products.

Now, with Shift4Shop’s Doba integration, dropshipping is easier than ever. Import products directly to your Shift4Shop online store, complete with images and product descriptions ready for you to customize. Price your imported products as you see fit and when a customer places their order, the product is shipped directly from the distributor, with the profits going to you.

How our Dropshipping integration with DOBA works

  • Automatic updates of product information and inventory counts
  • Orders placed on your Shift4Shop store are automatically sent to Doba for fulfillment
  • Order status updates are automatically sent to your Shift4Shop Online Store Manager

See our Doba Connector in Action


Screenshots of the DOBA Integration in Shift4Shop

Doba Connector Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I get tracking numbers when the products are shipped out?

Yes, when Doba sends the order update to your Shift4Shop Online Store Manager, you’ll receive a tracking number you can give to the customer.

  • How do I choose the products I want to add to my Shift4Shop store?

Browse Doba’s product catalog and add the desired items to your Inventory List. When finished, you can import the Inventory List into your Shift4Shop store to add the products.

  • Can I add more products or remove others at any time?

Yes, you are freely able to edit your Inventory List so as to download additional products from Doba or to stop listing certain products on your Shift4Shop store.


What customers have to say about the DOBA integration

“I wanted to start a small online business that I could handle in my free time, for a little extra income alongside my full-time job. With 3dcart and Doba I was able to set up an online store and pack it with stuff I wanted to sell. I chose mostly electronics and I started by convincing a few friends to buy from me instead of a big box store. I did do some SEO and advertising for traffic. Well, it worked better than I thought it would and the store is making more than I expected. Not bad considering I paid less than $50 to get all
this going!”

May 14, 2018