Drop Shipping Support

Drop shipping is a popular solution among retailers who don’t maintain their own warehouse space. With drop shipping, orders are shipped directly from the supplier to the customer, with your store acting as a middleman. As a retail fulfillment model, drop shipping has the benefits of saving shipping and warehousing expenses, as these are handled directly by the supplier.

Shift4Shop makes drop shipping easy by including configurable options to instantly email a supplier when you receive a new order. You can also use the distributor’s address as the origin address for calculating shipping.

Top Features

  • Automatic emails to distributors
  • Distributor address available for shipping calculations
  • Integrations available with popular drop shipping suppliers

Shift4Shop’s Drop Shipping Gallery

Drop Shipping Frequently Asked Questions

  • What types of notification emails can I send to my suppliers?

You can send notifications of new orders and of cancelled orders, both of which can be activated with a simple checkbox.

  • Can I use Doba with Shift4Shop?

Yes! Shift4Shop is partnered with Doba and features full integration allowing you to tie your Doba inventory to your Shift4Shop store. For more information, read Can I integrate my Shift4Shop Store with Doba?

  • Drop shipping sounds great but I don’t know how to start. Where can I learn more?

Shift4Shop offers a free eCommerce University course, Understanding Dropshipping. This course will walk you through the process and help you get started.


Successful Drop Shipping Stores on Shift4Shop

“I was really surprised by how easy it was to set up a 3dcart store as a drop shipper. I’m using the Inventory Source app and so far everything has been smooth sailing. The best part is, I’m not even at home, since someone else is handling the packing and shipping and I don’t need my own warehouse, I’m running my business from an RV while driving cross country! I can go on vacation whenever I want because I am not tied down and as long as I have my laptop with me I can run my business.”

June 25, 2018