Google AMP Integration for Faster Page Speed

The world of eCommerce moves fast, and your website needs to be up to the challenge. Online customers are notoriously impatient, often giving websites only a few seconds to load before giving up and going elsewhere. Even loyal customers can be irritated by a slow website, to the point that they may abandon you regardless of the rest of their experience with your business. Since customers now do a majority of their shopping from mobile devices, your store not only needs to load quickly, it also must be fully compatible with the visitor’s tablet or smartphone. So, between speed and mobile-friendliness, it can seem like you have a lot of work ahead of you to bring your website to modern standards!

That’s why Google backs the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project, which is a standard that any web developer can use to ensure their pages load lightning-fast and look great on mobile devices. As another benefit, AMP will also improve your SEO as Google and other search engines prioritize fast-loading, mobile-friendly content.

Shift4Shop is integrated with Google AMP to bring its benefits to the primary pages of your website: your Home Page, Categories, Products, and Blog. This ensures ideal performance for your visitors across all devices, and helps boost your search engine rankings.

Top Features

  • Fast loading and total mobile compatibility for the major parts of your website.
  • Available on your Home Page, Category Pages, Product Pages, and Blog.
  • Boosts your SEO by meeting Google’s ideal standards for mobile web design.


Shift4Shop’s Google AMP Gallery


Google AMP Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I activate Google AMP?

First, ensure that you’re using a Core theme. Then log into your Shift4Shop Online Store Manager, navigate to Marketing and then SEO Tools, and check the “Enable AMP” checkbox within the AMP section. Then, check the rest of the boxes to enable AMP in each section of your store you desire. Don’t forget to save your changes!

  • How do I see an AMP-enabled page?

Google AMP is primarily for visitors that find your site by searching on Google, so they will reach the AMP page by tapping your link in a Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Normal navigation throughout your site will not bring visitors to an AMP page, as this is not the intended function of the AMP project.

  • What about the rest of my site that doesn’t use AMP, such as my About Us page?

The rest of your Shift4Shop website is fully responsive to mobile devices as long as you’re using a Core theme, which will also enable other advantages of the Core Template Engine such as deferred JavaScript and optimized code. On the Shift4Shop blog, you can learn more about how the Core Template Engine brings cutting-edge web design to your eCommerce website. Note that in order to use Google AMP on your website, you need to be using a Core theme, so if you have AMP enabled then you are already on Core.

Shift4Shop’s Google AMP Testimonials

“I remember hearing about Google AMP and wondering how I could use it on my site (I admit I didn’t really understand what it was at the time, just that it was good for SEO and made pages faster on smartphones). When 3dcart added it, I was able to start using it instantly and since then I’ve noticed an increase in Google traffic. It’s really great for a small business like mine.”

Anonymous April 9, 2020