Blog Subscriptions

Blogging is a crucial part of any eCommerce content marketing strategy. Blog articles gain SEO rank over time, especially if the content is valuable to the readers. But, of course, that’s not the only purpose of your blog: it’s not just for SEO and getting discovered by new customers. Your blog is also meant to help your existing customers and other visitors who are looking for the type of information you provide.

With Shift4Shop’s Blog Subscriptions, merchants can give customers the option to subscribe to the blog. Subscribers will receive a customizable email with the content of the new article, or change it to simply alert them of a new post. You’ll also have easy-to-use tools to see, search, and manage all your subscribers. Keeping your customers informed has never been easier.

Top Features

  • Let readers subscribe to receive an email when you post a new blog article
  • Fully customize the email to suit your branding and needs
  • See and manage all subscribers at any time


Blog Subscriptions Frequently Asked Questions

  • I’ve upgraded to Plus, but I don’t see a Blog Subscription module. Where is it?

Blog Subscriptions are not a separate module, it is a feature added to the regular Blog. You’ll find the subscription settings within the Blog settings. Access the Blog by visiting Content, and then Blog, in the left-hand navigation of your Shift4Shop Online Store Manager. The Settings button will be in the upper right of the screen.

  • What is in the email sent to subscribers?

By default, every time you post a blog article, a full copy will be emailed to subscribers (they can read the blog in their email, but will still need to visit your site to post comments). You can change this by editing the template email in the Blog settings.

  • Can customers easily unsubscribe from the blog?

Yes, by default, the blog email template includes an unsubscribe link. This will let the customer unsubscribe from blog emails without unsubscribing from any other marketing emails from your store that they may have opted into.


Blog Subscriptions Feature Testimonials

I actually had people requesting a way to subscribe to my blog, so I was really glad when this feature was added. My customers are a fairly loyal group because of my niche (fine art) so they enjoyed reading my typical blog posts which are about the next pieces I’m creating. Basically a preview of in-progress pieces before they’re ready to be added to the store. I’ve gotten a lot of good feedback from fans who enjoy getting my blogs right in their email to read over their morning coffee. I’ve even had preorders come in because customers learned through the blog emails about my upcoming work