Bulk Pricing Quantity Discounts Feature

Everyone knows about the steep discounts available through wholesale pricing, and large-quantity buyers expect them. But selling in bulk isn’t just for wholesalers— even smaller retailers may want to offer a quantity discount on some items, especially products that are frequently sold in groups. And regular customers are always on the lookout for great deals, just like large wholesale buyers, so many eCommerce sellers want to offer quantity discounts for smaller-scale purchases.

Shift4Shop has a built-in Bulk Pricing Quantity Discount feature that’s flexible enough for a business of any size. Quickly create multiple pricing levels and restrict them to specific types of customers at your discretion. Assign quantity discounts of any amount to any product you choose. Shift4Shop’s Bulk Pricing Quantity Discount feature is perfect for all eCommerce stores looking to offer this special pricing, from huge wholesale enterprises to humble home-based businesses.

With Shift4Shop’s Quantity Discounts you can,

  • Apply bulk pricing discounts for specific customer groups, or enable discounts for anyone who purchases the required quantity
  • Show a “Quantity Pricing” link on the product page that displays a graph to illustrate the price range per quantity to the customer
  • Create multiple bulk discount levels for different customer groups if desired


Shift4Shop’s Bulk Pricing Feature in Action


Shift4Shop’s Quantity Discounts Screenshots

Bulk Pricing & Quantity Discount Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I offer my bulk discounts at a percentage rate instead of a specific dollar amount?

Yes, this is as simple as clicking a checkbox and entering the number you wish to use as a percentage.

  • Can I define a maximum quantity as well as a minimum?

Yes. You can even set up multiple levels of quantity discount to apply as the customer increases the quantity purchased (10-20 items sold at 5% off, 21-30 items sold at 10% off, etc.).

  • How do I make the maximum quantity unlimited?

Enter a large number like 99999999 into the max quantity box.


Testimonials from clients using Bulk Discounts

“My online store runs with a special membership program where I group customers according to their tier. I have Gold, Silver, and Bronze level customers and I offer different wholesale pricing levels to each group. Thanks to 3dcart’s easy methods for grouping customers and offering different pricing to them, and the quantity discount feature, it was easy to set this up exactly how I envisioned it. It’s simple enough to work with that every holiday season, I temporarily extend the lowest level of bulk discount to all registered customers, and that gets me more sales and more higher-tier signups.”

March 23, 2018