Customer Reviews and Star Ratings

Customers love to read reviews before they buy, and will use them to decide between similar products. They also love to leave feedback about their purchases— both good and bad. A savvy marketer knows that customer reviews can be turned to an advantage, promoting a feeling of free discourse and honesty for the company as well as providing valuable information to other customers and the store owners themselves. Customer reviews can also help you improve your SEO Rankings.

With a Shift4Shop store, you can show product reviews right on the page. Let customers leave a star rating and their comments about the item. Reviews can be restricted to verified buyers, rated for helpfulness, and automatically or manually approved according to your settings. Help your customers with their purchase decisions and let them tell you about their favorite items— valuable information you can use.



Top Features

  • Approve or deny reviews
  • Restrict reviews to verified buyers
  • Reviews appear right on the product page

Shift4Shop’s Product Review Feature Gallery

Product Reviews Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I hide the stars on products with no reviews?

Yes, you can do this in the Product Reviews dashboard found in the Modules section of your Shift4Shop Online Store Builder. Click the check box labeled Hide Stars for Zero Reviews.

  • How do I manage my product reviews?

In your Shift4Shop Online Store Manager, click Products in the left-hand navigation and then click Reviews.

  • How does the review module determine a verified buyer?

The reviewer’s email address is cross-referenced with orders on record to check if that email address is associated with an order including the reviewed item.


Product Review Feature Testimonials

“As a shopper I love reading reviews, so when I found out I could have them on my 3dcart store, I was sold. The module was quick to implement and I combined it with the automatic emails to ask my customers to come back and review their products 2 weeks later. It works great and now I have lots of feedback to refer to when I’m trying to find out why a certain item doesn’t sell well. I can just read the reviews left by my customers.”

July 26, 2018