Kount Fraud Protection Integration

Protecting your business from fraudulent transactions is one of the most crucial aspects of eCommerce. A fraudulent purchase can cause all kinds of problems. The customer who owns the stolen credit card will file a chargeback, which harms your business’s reputation among payment processors, and if you sent out the fraudulent order, you’ll lose products as well. This is why your business needs a reliable fraud protection system that can mitigate fraud before it happens.

Kount is an AI-driven, industry-leading fraud prevention service that covers the entire customer journey. It helps stop fraudulent purchases by comparing customer data and purchase habits to prevent stolen card usage and reduce “friendly fraud,” while cutting down on false positives that could cause you to miss a legitimate sale. Full integration with Kount is built right into Shift4Shop so you can benefit from this protection from day one.

Top Features

  • Drastically reduce fraudulent purchases including both criminal fraud and friendly fraud
  • Reliable AI-based automation that saves time by reducing the number of potentially fraudulent purchases that need to be manually reviewed
  • Decrease false positives by up to 70% over other anti-fraud solutions, ensuring more legitimate sales
  • Check for fraud with zero friction for customers, and identify good customers to help improve their experience on your store


Kount Integration Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is “friendly fraud” and how does Kount reduce it?

Friendly fraud is a type of fraud in which a customer’s credit card is not stolen — instead, in friendly fraud, a customer makes a purchase and then performs a chargeback to recover their money. Often, the fraudulent customer will claim their card was stolen or used without their knowledge. Other times the customer will claim they never received their purchase. Sometimes friendly fraud is an accident (the customer truly doesn’t recognize the charge) but other times it’s done maliciously.

Kount includes specialized tools for combating friendly fraud which most fraud solutions overlook. The key is the ability to use AI and gathered data to help determine between criminal fraud and friendly fraud, as well as to identify the type of friendly fraud as it occurs. For example, friendly fraud can be divided into types such as accidental, intentional, shared card, merchant error, and more. Kount’s ability to address these different types of fraud is a huge piece of the fraud prevention puzzle

  • How do I access Kount on my Shift4Shop store?

Kount is fully integrated into our platform and will automatically be enabled for all Shift4Shop merchants who complete the Shift4 Payment setup.

  • How does Kount work together with Shift4Shop?

Our complete Kount integration passes gathered accept/decline information from your store to Kount to help grow and improve their AI model. On your end, your Shift4Shop store will use Kount’s Omniscore system to help identify potential fraud and stop it in its tracks.


Kount Integration Testimonials

Kount has been a game-changer for reducing fraud on my store. I think the best part is that I don’t have to manually review nearly as many transactions, because the AI is just that good. Speaking of which I also appreciate the reduction in false positives. It’s a huge improvement over the previous anti-fraud system we were using.