Connect your online store with eBay’s Marketplace

Every day, millions of people visit eBay in search of all types of products. Whether looking for bargains on popular items, hunting down collectibles unavailable in stores, or seeking out great prices on used and refurbished products, eBay is the first choice for a massive base of consumers. And while some customers are attracted by the edge-of-your-seat auctions of rare products, others are regular buyers of consistent stock through the Buy it Now feature. Truly, eBay is a versatile platform that’s well worth selling on, even if you have your own eCommerce website.

The idea of running an online store while managing tons of eBay listings might seem daunting to you, but with Shift4Shop’s eBay Integration, you can fully integrate your store with eBay and sell on both channels with ease. Synchronize your inventory and orders, manage your listings, and handle it all from a single location: your Shift4Shop dashboard. Plus, if you’re already selling on eBay and want to open an online store of your own, you can import all your eBay listings directly to your Shift4Shop store.



With the eBay integration you can:

  • Create eBay listing templates and list items directly from your Shift4Shop Online Store Manager, either for auction or Buy it Now
  • Access all eBay transaction information within Shift4Shop, so you can handle all your sales from a centralized location
  • Import your existing eBay items into your Shift4Shop online store

Screenshots of our eBay Integration

eBay Integration Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does the eBay integration handle items with different variants?

You can choose to list different product options or variants (like size or color) separately, or as part of a single listing with dropdown options.

  • Can I list auction items as well as items with a Buy it Now price?

Yes! You can fully configure this option while creating your eBay listings.

  • What happens when a customer buys one of my synched products on eBay?

The order information will be sent directly to your Shift4Shop dashboard, where you’ll be able to manage it alongside the orders placed on your store. Additionally, when you ship the item, tracking information is sent to your eBay account so you can inform the customer.


What successful customers using the eBay Connector are saying

“I made a lot of sales on eBay and thought about making an online store on my own website, but I was discouraged by the idea of having to basically do the same work twice. Then I found out about 3dcart and its eBay Connector. Long story short, I now sell on both eBay and my own site and keeping them synched is easy. I couldn’t be happier.”

May 14, 2018