product comparison tool

Product Comparison Tool

Many customers are careful shoppers. That’s often why they shop online in the first place — they want to view products side-by-side, compare them across multiple data points, and pick the best for their needs. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy for a customer to compare products, as many online stores don’t have any built-in method for making these comparisons. Customers shopping from those eCommerce websites will often find themselves opening multiple tabs and clicking back and forth to look at different products. Why not save them the trouble? You can with the product comparison app.

Shift4Shop’s built-in Product Comparison module makes it incredibly simple to let your customers compare products whenever they choose. Select from numerous parameters to let the customer compare by, so they can view products side-by-side and see the differences in price, weight, dimensions, shipping, features, and much more. This makes it much easier for customers to decide and provides a level of convenience that will build trust and loyalty to your business.

Top Features

  • Activate multiple comparison points in seconds, by checking their boxes in the Shift4Shop Online Store Manager
  • Compare all types of information including anything you’ve placed in Extra Fields 1 through 5 in your Product Information
  • Customers can compare up to 4 products at once across all the parameters you’ve activated

Shift4Shop’s Product Comparison Tool Gallery

Product Comparison Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the minimum comparison points I should enable for customers to use?

Customers are going to be concerned with price, features, and possibly size and weight depending on the product. That being said, you should still enable all the relevant comparison points in your store, even though these are the most common.

  • How do I get the Product Comparison module?

Product Comparison is included for free in Plus and higher Shift4Shop plans. You can find it in the left-hand menu under Modules within your Shift4Shop Online Store Manager. To enable it, check the Enable check box and check the comparison points you want to use.

  • What are the data points that can be compared by Product Comparisons?

Products can be compared by:

o Length
o Width
o Product Features
o Height
o Price
o Extra Field 1 through 5
o Free Shipping
o Weight


Product Comparison Feature Testimonials

“Once again I find myself impressed by how easy Shift4Shop makes it to do things. I sell electronics, including multiple generations of iPods and other music players, and I know for a fact it’s hard to keep track of the exact differences between them, especially things like storage space and compatible music file types. I added Shift4Shop’s product comparisons and made sure that information was listed in the features for each player. My sales actually went up. I think customers must have been getting tired of trying to compare them and giving up before. This module has made a huge difference!”