Product Gift Wrapping Module

Gift wrapping is an extremely popular request among customers, whether shopping online or at a retail location. During the holidays, the demand for gift wrapping shoots even higher. Offering gift wrap options for your products is a solid strategy all year long, as customers appreciate the time and effort you save for them.

Shift4Shop comes with a built-in Gift Wrapping module that gives you complete freedom in how you offer gift wrapping, allowing you to create unlimited gift wrap options and control their visibility and pricing individually. You can create, name, and enable gift wrapping options as your store requires.



Top Features

  • Create unlimited gift wrapping options with configurable pricing
  • Hide individual gift wrap options with a click, such as holiday wrapping during the off season
  • Omit products from gift wrapping as needed

Shift4Shop’s Gift Wrapping Module Gallery

Gift Wrapping Module Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I activate the Gift Wrapping module?

Under Modules in your Shift4Shop Online Store Manager, use the Search Bar or scroll down until you find Gift Wrapping. Click to expand the module, activate it, and access its settings.

  • How do I edit the “Sending a Gift?” text?

You can change this text in Store Language, which is found under Design in Settings in your Shift4Shop Online Store Builder. Once in the Store Language section, type “giftwrap” in the Search Bar to quickly access the text field.

  • What’s the best way to stop offering gift wrapping during the holiday off season?

If you don’t want to offer any gift wrap options at all for part of the year, the best way is to turn the module completely off. You can activate or deactivate the module with one click and all your settings will be saved.


Gift Wrapping Feature Testimonials

“I originally set up the Gift Wrapping just to offer a basic wrapping option, but then I added another one called Deluxe which includes extra ribbons and a bow. Later I got creative and added a ton of different options, so now my customers can choose basic free gift wrap, Deluxe in 4 colors, and some holiday themes too. I’ve received positive feedback saying my customers like having a choice as to how it’s wrapped… they don’t mind paying a little extra because it saves them so much time!”

July 26, 2018