Product Questions and Answers

Sometimes a customer just has a simple question to ask before they make a purchase, and a Q&A section gives them the ability to do so. Other customers with the same questions can browse to find answers, reducing repetitive messages to the merchant. In these ways, Q&A sections save everyone time and help customers make smart buying decisions.

Your Shift4Shop store comes with a built-in Questions and Answers feature created to easily integrate this valuable functionality into your product pages with no need for technical knowledge. Approve and answer questions, and give your customers the option to help each other as well through this vital module.

Top Features

  • Customers can ask questions answerable by staff and other customers
  • Questions and answers remain visible on product page
  • Questions can be rated for helpfulness


Inventory Control Feature in Action


Shift4Shop’s Product Questions & Answers Feature Gallery

Product Questions & Answers Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the Q&A module enabled by default?

No, you will need to turn it on yourself in your Shift4Shop Online Store Manager. Click Modules in the left-hand navigation and either scroll down or use the search bar to find Product Questions & Answers. There, you will find a check box to enable this feature.

  • Can I get spammed through the question form?

You can enable a CAPTCHA that will prevent bots from being able to use the form, thus preventing spam. You can also approve questions and answers manually to prevent bad answers from appearing, but the CAPTCHA is still recommended.

  • Can I restrict these questions to registered users of my site?

Yes, in the Product Q&A module dashboard, check the box labeled Require Login. If you leave this unchecked, questions and answers can be submitted anonymously.


Product Questions & Answers Feature Testimonials

“The Q&A module has really cut down on the emails I get asking me for product
information. It also helps a lot because sometimes I just don’t know the answer, like when a customer asks me about a product I sell but have never used myself. Instead of me trying my best to guess, another customer can come along and give an informed answer. It’s just perfect.”

July 26, 2018