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Building a website is a long process, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Even if you’re using a powerful eCommerce website builder like Shift4Shop, and you’re completely familiar and comfortable with the process, it’s still great to be able to streamline your workflow whenever possible. Nothing helps this goal more than quick, convenient access to tools.

That’s why we’ve added the Quick Edit Tab to all our Core themes: so you can make changes instantly without needing to navigate through your dashboard. The Shift4Shop Quick Edit Tab, also called the Tools Widget, lets you instantly access several tools and settings for different parts of your website so you can make changes directly from your storefront. Just log into your Shift4Shop Online Store Manager, install and activate a Core template on your site if you’re not already using one, and click “View Store.” From there, you’ll be able to access the Quick Edit Tab on key pages of your website so you can edit directly (and quickly)!

Top Features

  • Edit major parts of your Shift4Shop website directly from your storefront.
  • Adjust categories, including configuration and sorting, from the Category Page.
  • Add, remove, or change product details including options and images, right on the Product Page itself.


Shift4Shop’s Quick Edit Feature


Shift4Shop’s Quick Edit Tab Gallery


Quick Edit Tab Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why isn’t the Quick Edit Tab appearing on my site?

For the Quick Edit Tab to appear, your store must be using a Core theme and you need to be logged into your Shift4Shop Online Store Manager. If you are logged in, your theme may be the culprit — check that you’re using a Core theme, all of which are available in the Shift4Shop theme store. Many of Shift4Shop’s older themes have been replaced with an updated Core version.

  • What pages can I edit with the Quick Edit Tab?

You can edit the information and various features of your Home Page, Category Pages, and Product Pages. For Product Pages, this includes editing aspects of the product itself, like its information, images, options, and more.

  • Can I edit my website’s appearance with the Quick Edit Tab?

Yes, you can access the HTML template editor for the page in question, but if you’re not comfortable with code, you should use the Theme Editor and/or HTML builder for this purpose. Both allow you to make appearance changes while viewing them on your storefront in real time.

Quick Edit Tab Testimonials

“I’m going to be blunt here: I hate working on websites. Even though 3dcart makes it really easy to set up different pages from inside the dashboard, I feel more comfortable if I have the final results right in front of me. It was great when they introduced the Quick Edit widget. It even lets you make changes to things you wouldn’t expect, like product sorting for categories, so I find it really helpful.”

Anonymous April 8, 2020