Sales Rep Commission Tracking

Sales Rep Commission Tracking

Just as a company’s sales representatives need the right tools to make and keep track of their sales, the managers need the right business tools to handle and keep track of the reps’ commissions. Shift4Shop provides these tools in the form of the Sales Rep Management Module. This feature helps the owners of eCommerce businesses create lists of sales representatives with commissions, which simplifies organizing information about them.

Using this module, managers can then assign either an individual order or all of a certain customer’s future orders to specific salespeople. They can also restrict access for salespeople to view only the customers and orders assigned to them. The Sales Rep Management Module also lets managers create two different kinds of reports: one that compiles all the orders from all the reps over a certain period, and one that shows how many sales an individual employee has made. Overseeing a sales team is now simpler and easier than ever.

Top Features

  • Create reports for the sales of a single employee or the whole team
  • Connect orders from specific customers to specific sales reps
  • Check how much commission a salesperson is owed


Manage Your Sales Team


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Sales Rep Management Module Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I assign a customer’s future orders to a sales rep?

All you have to do is find the customer’s record. Under the account information, you will be able to assign the record to a sales rep of your choice. From then on, that customer’s orders will go straight to that sales rep’s own record.

  • What do I do with this system if something changes in my sales team?

You can always go on the module and remove or add Sales Reps to the list as needed. If anything about the employee in question changes — for example, a new phone number, or an increase in their commission rate — you can also edit their information on the list.

  • What is included in the reports?

In “Sales by Representative” reports, you can see the commission rate and commission amount of the sales rep in question. In a “Commission Report per Sales,” you can see the same information as the other type, but for every rep on the list. This second type of report also produces the total commission amount for every rep put together.

Sales Rep Management Module Feature Testimonials

“Before Shift4Shop, if I wanted to know how much I needed to pay my salespeople, I’d have to look over the data myself and calculate it on my own. Now, I can see everyone’s sales and know exactly how much is due, with a lot less work.”