Customer Specific Price Lists

Shift4Shop’s Customer Specific Price Lists

Customer relationships are central to doing business. All businesses need the right tools to build and maintain these relationships, but some have additional needs. B2B merchants in particular often work one-on-one with specific customers to reach certain agreements. These types of agreements can include special pricing just for that customer.

With Shift4Shop’s Customer-Specific Price Lists, you can create a custom list of products and give them special pricing only available to customers you choose. This flexible module allows you to quickly build custom price lists using a built-in search function and create as many price lists as you need. Customer-Specific Price Lists are automatically available in Shift4Shop B2B and Enterprise plans.

Top Features

  • Create lists of products with custom pricing to assign to customers
  • Build price lists quickly with a search feature, including SKUs and more
  • Add products to any number of lists, assign multiple lists to customers, and assign multiple customers to use the same lists as needed


Customer-Specific Price Lists Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are there any limits to the price lists I can create?

You can create unlimited price lists, and each can have any number of products on it. There are also no restrictions to how many lists can be assigned to a customer, or how many customers can be assigned to any particular list.

  • How do multiple price lists interact with each other if I have customers and products on more than one list?

Products can be on as many different lists as needed, and customers can have multiple lists assigned to them. If a customer is assigned multiple price lists that have the same product on them, the customer will have access to the highest of the prices for that product from the lists.

  • Can I create price lists by importing a CSV file?

Yes, the Customer-Specific Price Lists module has both CSV import and export features to make the process smoother and help you keep records of your lists as needed.


Customer-Specific Price Lists Feature Testimonials

I run a B2B store and it’s all based on negotiations with our customers. The Price List feature is very useful because it allows me to further fine-tune the negotiations to offer custom pricing on any product, without affecting pricing for other customers whatsoever. However, it’s also great that I have the Price Lists set up so I can actually apply them to other customers if I should ever want to. I have never seen an easier way to offer custom pricing to specific customers.