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Using 3dcart vs. using Volusion

3dcart: Transparent. Volusion: Foggy

If you’re looking for a transparent eCommerce solution, Volusion may not be the platform for you. With Volusion's pricing, hidden, unexpected fees are around every corner, including monthly PCI fees, cancellation fees, migration charges, an $89 basic Volusion SSL to get your store up and running, monthly email fees, and hefty bandwidth overage fees.

3dcart gives our merchants the freedom and peace of mind to setup and manage their store how they’d like, without fear of hidden fees or penalties. That’s right – as a 3dcart merchant, you’ll never be hit by transaction fees, PCI fees, cancellation fees, email fees, or any other surprising costs.

cost of Volusion

3dcart vs. Volusion: what's included, what's missing

A full-featured shopping cart vs. paying extra for basic features

sad emojiOut-of-box features

As a Volusion client, expect to spend a sizeable sum supplementing your store with paid apps, plug-ins, and services. Volusion restricts many of their basic features like Deal of the Day, Customer Loyalty Program, API access, phone orders, and CRM to the most expensive Volusion plans. 3dcart includes all of these features, plus more, for free with every account.

sad emojiResponsive theme selection

Volusion may boast about their 300+ theme selection, but only 23 of the Volusion themes are responsive. Of these 23 themes, only 6 are free, with the remaining going for a whopping $895 each. 3dcart offers 100+ professionally designed responsive themes, more than half of which are available for free regardless of your selected plan.

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Switching from Volusion to 3dcart was like going from the dark ages into the light. Volusion was chock-full of hidden fees, has no hosted blog capability, rude customer service, incredibly bland themes, and an expensive price tag that just can’t be justified.”

– Ex-Volusion customer

sad emojiSSL certificate

Does your store accept online payments? If so, expect to spend a minimum of $90 on Volusion’s basic SSL Certificate to get your store up and running. 3dcart offers our merchants a free 256-bit encryption shared SSL with every account, so that you can start accepting online payments from day one, with an option to upgrade to a dedicated SSL at any time.

More choices and more control of your business

For more options and freedom, 3dcart is the way to go

3dcart: Freedom to choose your payment provider

3dcart payment options

3dcart supports over 160 Payment Solutions, more than any other eCommerce solution. See a full list of payment providers here.

Volusion: Limited payment options

Volusion Limited payment options

Volusion supports fewer than 40 payment gateways, leaving their merchants with little control over their online store.

Hosted blog capability vs. Third party blog site


Create a blog within your store that uses the same design elements and domain name of your website and store.


Create a blog on a third-party site like WordPress or Blogger, neither of which will share your store’s design.

3dcart’s built-in blog feature

Automatically improve your SEO efforts and expand your reach using 3dcart’s built-in blog feature, which will eliminate any need of re-creating your blog’s design elements or having to direct your blog to your store’s URL.

Successful online merchants everywhere love 3dcart

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Frequently asked questions about Volusion Alternatives

What are Volusion's limits?
Volusion plans have sales limits, starting at $50k for the Personal plan, $100k for the Professional plan, $250k for the Business and an maximum of $500k for the Business plan.
What are the alternatives to Volusion?
There are many alternatives to Volusion, including open-source solutions like Magento, and hosted ecommerce solutions, like 3dcart.
How can I cancel my Volusion account?
If you're looking to switch ecommerce providers, you can cancel your Volusion account at any time as explained in their help article.
Is there a cost to migrate my products from Volusion?
No, we'll be glad to help you switching over to continue growing your business. We have special incentives for switching and can assist with the products migration for free. Learn how to migrate from Volusion.