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10 Amazing Product Options Your Customers Will Surely Love

Wouldn't it be great if you could offer a lot of different product options to delight your customers? It's certainly going to boost their shopping experience a whole lot. Just imagine if they find out they can discounts for bulk orders or even include a personalized message with an item that they intend to give to someone as a gift. You will not only make them happy with such additional possibilities, but these are bound to improve your sales too significantly!

Here are 10 amazing product options the Shift4Shop software allows you to set up:

Quantity Pricing
Picture this: A mom comes across your uniquely designed diaper product and would like to purchase plenty for her child's daily use. Do you think she'd be happy to find out that you actually offer bulk or quantity pricing? Of course! That would certainly encourage her to get more than what she'd been planning.

What about if a company owner is looking to buy an organizer for each employee? It's certainly going to be a wonderful advantage for both of you if he chooses to purchase from your store because of the ascending discounts with greater quantity.

With the Shift4Shop software, you can specify both the minimum and maximum number of items with the corresponding discount percentage. You'll immediately see the new prices, which your customers will likewise be able to view.

Fractional Quantities
One unique feature that Shift4Shop offers is the option for you to allow customers to buy in fractional quantities if this is applicable to your product. Let's say you're selling craft items such as papers, yarns, and strings. You can price them by yard or by meter and let customers enter the amount they would like to avail. The corresponding price will then be given.

Surely having this great option will work well to your advantage as well as for the benefit of your buyers.

Gift Registry Guide
If your customers have an upcoming party and would like to have a gift registry for their guests, it would be great if you could also offer this option, right? Make it easy for them to pick out different items from your product list and be able to have their guests easily peruse these, complete with photos, descriptions, and specifications.

Gift Message Option
Many people now buy for gifts online. So instead of just letting them have the item shipped to the recipient, wouldn't people love to be able to have a customized message sent along with it? It's a great way to let them personalize the gift and make it more meaningful and special. Surely, they'll find great joy and satisfaction in this kind of simple yet valuable option.

Gift Wrapping Option
Of course some of your customers might also want to have their presents gift-wrapped. Wouldn't it be great if you can also provide such extra service? If they're buying something for a friend celebrating his birthday or a couple getting married or even a relative who's working abroad, then it would definitely be easier and more convenient to not have to go elsewhere for gift-wrapping. It's also more special if the gift arrives in a nice wrapping paper with ribbons and the works on the doorstep of the recipient.

What's more, you can also earn extra from this option or at least encourage more to buy from you if you provide this as a free service.

Gift Certificate Product
Another wonderful option you can offer for customers is gift certificates which they can buy for friends. People love receiving these GCs because they can then decide on the items themselves. You can set this product up in your own e-store for the enjoyment of your customers and their loved ones! Shift4Shop makes it very easy for their merchants to offer their very own GCs in which customers can specify the amount. Whether this will be a permanent or promotional offer is up to you!

Price Setting by Customers
You may find it weird that some online sellers would love to have this feature for their consumers. Well, if you haven't come across it yet, understanding the concept might actually give you ideas on how to utilize this option too.

You see, there are some shops that do charitable work to help out the community or to support a particular advocacy or institution. If customers want to donate, at least you can simply give them the liberty of inputting the amount they would like to give. This is also the same setup that you'll use if you decide to offer a gift certificate product.

File Upload by Customers
Sometimes, you may have a particular product which is open for customization. For instance, you might allow customers to send images that they would like to have printed on a shirt or mug. You might also offer pictures to be made into puzzles or e-cards. With these types of products, it's definitely better to have a "file upload" feature right then and there within your store and incorporated into the product page rather than having the file emailed separately.

Again, you'll be happy to know that Shift4Shop enables this kind of setup because we understand how a lot of merchants today love offering different custom-made items.

Wish List Feature
Make your consumers feel as if it's Christmas season all the time by enabling this wonderful wish list feature. This is very helpful especially if you have a broad range of products and some people would like to record all their desired items in one place. The wish list allows this so that returning customers can actually make a purchase straight from their lists.

Make an Offer Function
Perhaps there are special promo days when you're willing to be flexible with your pricing, such as during your business anniversary. In this light, you can actually establish a "make an offer" function within your online shop and make visitors excited to see at what price they can purchase a particular product. Furthermore, this can also be useful if you have auction events or if you intend to quickly sell an old item that you really intend to put up for sale.

With these amazing product options included in your store, customers will surely love the unique and exciting shopping experience and will keep coming back and even referring you to others! Certainly, Shift4Shop knows how to keep things fresh and interesting for shoppers. It's now up to you to implement these brilliant offers.

by Gonzalo Gil Google