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Take Your Social Strategy Up a Notch with These Five Tools

There’s no doubting the powerful role social media plays in any ecommerce marketing plan. If you don’t have yours up and running yet, we encourage you to take a look at our post on Facebook and Twitter for Ecommerce. If you’ve surpassed these steps, it’s time to get into some more advanced tactics to reach for the social stars.

With so many social outlets available, you can’t manage everything yourself. For merchants everywhere, we’ve compiled some great productivity tools that help you manage social media marketing more efficiently and more effectively.

With Shopalize, merchants increase social media traffic and related sales. Once you integrate it into your storefront, the application simplifies social sharing, generating unique tracking information for content shared through social media.

To incentivize social sharing, Shopalize lets you customize rewards for social sharing. When a customer shares content (products, pages, the store, etc.), the application identifies that customer and automatically sends out prebuilt coupons, discounts or other promotions. Friends and contacts that view shared content get great incentives to visit and purchase.

2. Mineful
Mineful empowers merchants to drive higher sales numbers and create more return customers through automated, targeted emails. The software uses sales and customer data to automatically send out marketing emails based on rules that determine timing, content and other options.

The platform collects analytics as it works, giving you the ability to test different email marketing campaigns against each other. That way, you have the ability to refine how your email marketing works to drive more sales.

3. Brafton
Without content, you have nothing to share through social media channels. Say hello to Brafton, a content marketing service that creates content around your market. After all, wearing a ton of hats for your store means less time to create your own content.

In addition to providing content to share over social media, Brafton helps you improve your search visibility. Useful content also inspires trust from your shoppers, helping you create a brand that resonates with your target audience.

AddShoppers is an ecommerce-focused social sharing application that empowers you with simple ways to increase sharing and track ROI with social analytics. To measure how social media impacts a retailer’s business, AddShoppers tracks when a customer shares a product, recording how many friends or followers clicked the link and how many people actually purchased the good as a result of the share.

By placing the AddShoppers buttons on your online store, you can gain higher margins, more traffic, better customer engagement and reduced cart abandonment.

Through the ReferralCandy system, customers share referral coupons via email or social media and receive cash or coupons as referral rewards. By giving customers an incentive to share, ReferralCandy helps you drive more sales through word-of-mouth.

You also gain visibility into their referral programs through detailed tracking and analytics, empowering them with tools to measure their progress. To keep full control in your hands, you also get the ability to customize emails and rewards, ensuring the programs accurately represent your brand.

by Gonzalo Gil Google