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4 Best Off-Site SEO Tips to Help Your Online Store

When it comes to optimizing your online store, you don't need to concentrate your SEO efforts within your website. There are tons of off-site methods that you can employ to help build your online reputation and authority, thus leading to increased traffic and more potential sales.

Be a Social Butterfly
There are some entrepreneurs who think it's okay to keep their profiles hidden from the world just because their businesses are online. Yes, it could work for some time but will surely become a roadblock to your store's growth and expansion in the long run.

It's the social media era, and you must not just expose your business in various social platforms on the web but also yourself. Go out there and introduce yourself to your target audience. Befriend them on social networks, interact with them in forum discussions, and share relevant info on community boards. You'll be surprised how fast word will spread about your business even if you don't market it directly.

Be a Prolific Industry Writer
Do you think it's enough to come up with remarkably written articles, blog posts, and product descriptions within your own website only? Definitely not.

It's important for you to aim to become a prolific industry or niche writer, thereby stretching out your reach toward the audience you wish to connect with and also boosting your credibility in the process. This means placing guest posts on the blogs of influential and respectable people in the industry. You can also try to become a columnist for a magazine, covering topics related to your niche.

What's more, it would be helpful as well if you maintain a blog that's separate from your website and yet provides relevant content for your target market.

Be an Authentic Link Builder
Remember those times when you'd find links almost everywhere, even within trashy articles and spammy sites. And yes, these used to work nonetheless. But not anymore.

Today you need to be an authentic link builder, carefully screening where you post your links and not overdoing it too. Don't stoop low to unethical SEO as this will only ruin your reputation and may even drop your site way down low in search engine results. Instead, go for various link sources that are credible and significant... blogs, video posts, infographics, social media posts, and more.

Be a Content Distributor
In order to optimize your organic search results, it's also pertinent to distribute your content in various formats. For instance, rather than merely guest posting, why not come up with a unique video that can go viral? You can also research statistics and create your own infographic that many others can utilize. Or if your target customers like to hang out in local bars or get involved in sports events within the community, you might want to promote your business in these arenas too, perhaps via posters, sponsorships, booths, and giveaways. If most of your followers often download mobile apps, then maybe it's about time you invented your own app too which will be of good use to them.

Be as creative as you can be when it comes to content. Text is not the only means. Have fun and surely your audience will sit up and take notice.

With these off-site SEO tips, you're bound to greatly escalate and intensify your online presence, hence doing wonders for your e-business.

by Gonzalo Gil Google