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6 Tips on Gathering More YouTube Followers

Who hasn't heard of YouTube these days?

Indeed this video sharing platform has grown and expanded in unimaginable ways, now a topnotch social media network utilized by online marketers to promote their websites and businesses. And for this reason, you should most definitely employ it for your own marketing purposes too.

Perhaps you've been posting videos already which are related to your niche. Or maybe you're just starting to learn all about YouTube's amazing potential as a marketing tool.

Whichever is your status at the moment, chances are you're reading this post because you want to grow your YouTube channel subscriber list. How can you gather more YouTube followers? Here are some essential tips to help you out:

1. Ask and you shall receive.
A lot of online entrepreneurs make the mistake of posting relevant videos without even asking for viewers to subscribe to their channels. This is why calls to action are highly crucial. It's because you'lll never receive if you don't ask.

Learn to incorporate a compelling call-to-action into your video. Ask people to follow your channel and gain easy and up-to-date access to all your videos. Be specific on why and how they can do it.

2. Content is king and value is queen.
When we say "Content is king", it doesn't only apply to blog posts and websites. It also applies to videos. With so many YouTube videos being uploaded every minute of each day, it's important to make yours teeming with amazing content that goes hand-in-hand with value.

Keep your target audience in mind and make sure every video you post has great value that will make these people feel cared for and be grateful to you.

3. Holler for subscribers on your blog.
Perhaps you already have several followers on your blog. Or maybe you're doing quite well on social media. Then you need to maximize these web properties to your advantage. Expose your videos to them and don't forget to embed a widget or call-to-action graphic that encourages your readers and followers to subscribe to your YouTube channel.

4. Be Miss Congeniality on YouTube.
If you want your business to zoom to the top, you can't be a snob. Your marketing can't be a one-way street. Just like in other social media platforms, you must also be interactive on YouTube. This means you need to watch other videos and subscribe to other channels, especially those belonging in your niche.

Remember that YouTube is actually a community. As you interact with others and become active, all the more that your videos (and ultimately your business) will get better exposure.

5. Two heads are better than one.
Have you ever considered a partnership with someone who's doing very well on YouTube? Yes, it's possible to gain leverage on those with featured channels and a whole lot of subscribers. You can begin by adding their channels on your own page, sharing their content, and opening them up to new viewers. In return, you'll likely encourage one of them to feature your channel back. Hence, you must pick the ones that have a similar market to yours.

6. Go viral with a payoff!
What's a payoff? Well, have you ever heard of someone who has promised to do a crazy stunt once he has reached a certain number of subscribers? That's an example of a payoff. Viewers and web users can get quite excited over such news, even if the payoff doesn't benefit them in any way except to provide entertainment. Employees making a dance video, the company CEO shaving his head, your store having a Buy One Take One All-Day promo--- these are all payoff examples that may actually go viral and push more people to follow your YouTube channel.

Of course, you can always offer giveaways or perhaps throw a virtual party. For instance, if you're running an e-bookstore, you can give out free ebooks to all your subscribers. If you have a toy store, you can send out 50% off GCs to every 10th subscriber. It's all up to you!

Indeed these 6 tips have been tried and tested to bring you an outpour of YouTube followers. So start applying them today to see your YouTube subscriber list grow and your business prosper.

by Gonzalo Gil Google