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7 Tips for Writing Great Product Copy

An online marketplace offers a number of conveniences to consumers, but it’s not without its obvious drawbacks. Visitors can’t touch or feel your products, which can make it hard to not only justify an uncertain purchase, but in some cases, can promote fear, doubt, and more frequently than not, cart abandonment.

Ecommerce shoppers are typically bombarded with a number of difficult internal questions when shopping online: How will they benefit from your product? Will the product meet or exceed their needs and expectations? Will they receive it in a timely manner? Will it actually look and function like the advertised product image(s) and video(s)? And of course…do they actually need your product in their lives?

Aside from great high-quality images, seductive, compelling copy is essential to luring customers to trying and purchasing your products. But unless you’ve got a background in marketing or creative writing, crafting awesome product copy can be a dreaded chore.

But product copy doesn’t need to intimidate you, regardless of your past experience in writing sales copy. Let’s take a look at some effective yet easy ways you can spice up your product copy and start increasing conversions today.

Be Mindful of Your Tone
In order to effectively market your product, you need to know your target audience. Are you selling to moms, athletes, the health-conscious, gamers?

Having a clear understanding of who wants and buys your products will allow you to craft personalized, engaging copy that appeals to your target audience’s desires and senses. Words, and more specifically your adopted tone, are just as powerful as images, but only when they’re utilized with extreme care and attention to detail.

Ensure Product Benefit is Obvious
While writing a product’s description, it can be easy to get caught up in the specs and details and lose sight of your copy’s goal: to sell your product. And while stats and figures certainly serve an important role on a product page, you always want to ensure shoppers have a clear understanding of your product’s benefits.

A great product description presents a situation, problem, or conflict, while showcasing your product as the ideal solution. Don’t be afraid to explicitly state or describe the benefits your product can bring to your shopper’s life.

Maintain a Clear and Concise Voice
It can be easy to go off on a tangent or lose yourself in what you think is a great, compelling description. But shoppers aren’t in the business of reading an essay or a description that requires endless scrolling. Your product copy should be clear and to the point, providing compelling information that’s always one-hundred percent relevant and pertinent to your product and message.

Write Easy to Read Copy
Although you should always be mindful of your audience while writing copy, you’ll likely never encounter a situation where you should go overboard in exhibiting your mastery of diction and Webster’s Dictionary. Sentences should be relatively short and easy to read, consisting of simple yet engaging language. Overwhelming shoppers with an essay-length or seemingly endless sentences will only prompt visitors to flee in exhaustion or resentment.

The easier your description is to read, the quicker your customers can make their purchasing decision and proceed to checkout. So leave your thesaurus right where it is – odds are you won’t even need it.

Write an Engaging Story
Crafting an engaging story is a powerful copywriting tool that can help provoke or influence shoppers to take action. A story is a creative and imaginative way to paint your product as the ideal solution to any number of situations, and can stir powerful emotions without a shopper ever aware they’re succumbing to a sly marketing technique.

How easily and efficiently you captivate your audience boils down to the quality and allure of your story, so always ensure your words (and story) incite powerful emotions that clearly connect your product with your intended goal (to sell your product!).

Present a Comprehensive List of Technical Details and Features
Your product description should always appeal to a customer’s needs and desires through awesome, well-written copy, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect to highlight the product’s technical details or features in a comprehensive list.

Countless shoppers are browsing in a hurry, scanning pages for pertinent details or words that play a critical role in their purchasing decision. Including a simple, easy-to-read list of all the great and/or technical details about your product will make it easy for shoppers to come to a decision about your product without needing to waste time tirelessly scouring paragraphs and pages.

Use Powerful Sensory Language
Using powerful sensory adjectives in your product description is a powerful language tool that can trigger a shopper’s sense of sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell. Smooth, sizzling, buttery, crunchy, velvety, and sharp-pitched are a few examples of sensory words that can help bolster your product descriptions with a realistic yet imaginative cloak.

Including the right words can help you captivate and tantalize your shoppers right to the checkout page, without them ever realizing your juicy, irresistible words prompted their decision to purchase.

Writing great product copy that sells isn’t a task relegated to marketers and English majors alone. By following the above guideline, you can easily craft compelling descriptions that’ll send your shoppers rushing toward the checkout. Try your hand at a few of these tactics and see how great copy can go a long way toward improving your store’s conversions.

by Gonzalo Gil Google