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Accounting Basics for Your Online Store

First-time business owner? If you’re worried about how to do accounting for your business, fret no more. There’s software for that. Online retailers have it easier than ever when it comes to keeping the books.

You don’t have to be an accountant to get the job done. The right ecommerce software will give you direct access to QuickBooks shopping cart add-ons, an integration with one of the most popular accounting software suites available today. Instead of spending time inputting your sales numbers manually into QuickBooks, a dynamic shopping cart integrates and sends data between the backend and your accounting software.

With QuickBooks compatibility, it’s easy to:

  • Export products

  • Download inventory

  • Create invoices and sales receipts

  • Synchronize customer data

It’s no secret: business owners dread tax season. But integrating your ecommerce software with QuickBooks shopping cart software ensures you’ll be prepared for the tax season. Keep in mind that QuickBooks isn’t the only software for accounting work—but it is one of the most popular. If you already use another accounting software solution, robust shopping cart platforms integrate with more than just QuickBooks.

By keeping track of your sales and expenses digitally, you can avoid all of the hassle of manual paper trails. Simply connect your shopping cart software with QuickBooks, and you’ll have everything you need in preparation for tax season.

Get rid of that file cabinet and take your entire business online with a QuickBooks shopping cart integration.

by Gonzalo Gil Google