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5 Effective Ways to Make Your 'About' Page Come to Life

It's funny how a lot of companies have spent so much time, effort, and money just to formulate compelling content and draw in prospective clients while simply neglecting their 'About' pages.

Have you read your own 'About' page lately? Perhaps you're missing out on tons of potential subscribers and clients because you haven't even visited it or attempted to update it for the longest time. And if your website is new, all the more shameful it is to have a drab write-up that vaguely describes your company and doesn't even come close to making people want to stay and explore your site.

So how do you make your 'About' page come to life? Here are some tried and tested ways that many online entrepreneurs and web masters have attested to:

1. Inject character and personality that match the rest of your website.

Building rapport with site visitors and potential customers is easier when your content is written in a light, conversational tone. You need to make sure that your 'About' page blends in. It can't stick out as if it belongs somewhere else.

If you write your blog posts with humor, then by all means--- add a funny quote or anecdote in this page too. If you write your product descriptions in a friendly way, then you should follow this same style all throughout the site.

Usually, there are numerous websites who make the mistake of having the 'About' page written in third person and in a very formal manner as opposed to the rest of the content. But if the overall feel of your website is corporate and prim, your 'About' page must also follow suit.

2. Limit the text and insert appropriate photos and videos.

Remember that many visitors often drop by the 'About' page before heading on to the other tabs. It's like visiting a house for the first time. You want to meet the owner first before exploring the rest of the rooms. So then, you'll need to make a good impression to make them want to stay and find out more.

One way to achieve this is by limiting the text and instead inserting photos and videos. As we're moving toward an image-driven e-commerce, you should also step up and revamp your site accordingly. Rather than placing a stiff-looking photo in corporate clothes when you've got an informal and supposedly fun site, you can place a nice shot of the entire behind-the-scenes team posing together or in action.

The video can give a brief overview of what you've got to offer. Make it very short, fun, and interesting to watch.

3. Talk about what your company has to offer.

You don't need to dwell too much on the history of your company. Just mention the highlights or milestones quickly and then move on to the description of what your company has to offer. What will make visitors curious and interested? How will you make your company seem a lot more intriguing and at the same time superior as compared to your competitors? Use these as your guide questions in crafting the content for your 'About' page.

4. Narrate a story rather than provide information.

People love stories. Storytellers have that knack for engaging readers, listeners, and/or viewers. There should be a catchy opening with a continuous flow leading up to the climax and then to a feel-good conclusion. Let this concept steer you in the right direction when you finally refurbish your 'About' page.

5. Invite readers to the most interesting parts of your website.

Lastly, you should not forget to remain committed to the goals of your website. If one of your goals is to build your email list, then you can definitely drop a line or two of invitation within this page. If you want to encourage people to sign up for your free trial, it's okay to incorporate this in the page as well. You can do it subtly once you've expressed your top-most qualities and offers.

Don't be afraid to try something new with your 'About' page. Putting in something unique will surely catch the attention of visitors and make the page burst into colors! Make the stopover worthwhile so they'll always keep coming back.

by Gonzalo Gil Google