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How a Mastermind Group Can Help Your Business

A mastermind is a group of likeminded individuals who challenge each other to implement goals, brainstorm ideas and work toward a common desire to improve, grow and prosper. First coined by American author Napoleon Hill in the classic self-improvement book “Think and Grow Rich”, countless entrepreneurs have turned to peer-mentoring groups to grow their businesses and find inspiration, with historical figures such as Andrew Carnegie, Franklin Roosevelt, and modern men such as Bill Gates and Bob Kraft all widely renowned for benefitting from the advantages of such groups.

Through peer accountability and support, entrepreneurs of every industry are able to come together on a weekly or monthly basis to brainstorm new ideas, give and receive advice, and work toward achieving success.

Benefits of a Mastermind Group
For some people, having someone to answer to on a regular basis is the surest way to ensuring tasks and deadlines are always met. As a valued member of a mastermind group, you’ll take part in accountability reporting, where each person has to discuss what they’ve accomplished since their last meeting and what they plan to work on next. Failing to deliver expected results is a strong motivator for most entrepreneurs to complete their tasks not only efficiently, but in a timely manner as well.

The makeup of a mastermind group is typically incredibly diverse, with members representing various industries and specialties. Such diversity is nearly always structured with intent and purpose – an assorted group creates a rich and fertile environment to learn new skills and improve areas of weakness.

Joining a group with different backgrounds can give you an opportunity to not only share your own insight and best practices, but learn and grow from the unique strengths of your fellow members too. This give-and-take approach is an invaluable tool for exploring and acquiring new skills and know-how that you may otherwise never have a chance to acquire.

While a mastermind group is not a “class” or “coaching” session, it is a type of support group. In the likely event you find yourself road blocked by a particular issue or hurtle that you’re unsure how to tackle, your fellow group members will serve to offer solutions and helpful advice.

With an awesome diverse group, you’ll be privy to incredibly creative ideas that’ll allow you to explore solutions outside your normal thought process. And who doesn’t benefit from a little outside-the-box thinking now and then?

How to Join a Mastermind Group
Mastermind groups can range in size from a couple individuals to several hundred, and can take place in person or in a virtual setting. You can explore forums, social media pages, or websites such as to find a group. Ideally, your group should be comprised of individuals with different skill sets, yet still share a similar interest or goal.

Taking time to form a great group is critical to its success and effectiveness. All members should be equally invested, available for commitment, and express a true desire for the success of not only themselves, but the members of the group as well.

Get Started
Finding and joining a mastermind group is the hardest step and the one most entrepreneurs are too afraid or hesitant to make. Show initiative and grow your business by taking a leap that’s bound to produce a lifetime of fruitful awards.

Thousands of individuals just like you are looking to team up with fellow experts, so take the plunge and start planning tomorrow’s success today.

by Gonzalo Gil Google