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Why Search Engine Optimization Takes So Long

Think of your SEO efforts as a marathon, not a race. Building and executing a fully integrated SEO strategy is a multi-step, timelined process. Proprietary steps such as competitor SEO research and content creation take time, and must be facilitated before the implementation stages of your SEO strategy begin. Proper placement and partner connectivity also take time to establish.

Need more clarification as to why SEO results take so long to achieve? Here is a more in-depth look at some of the timely considerations for your SEO strategy:

Competitor SEO Research and Content Creation
Competitor research to find out what strategies they employ can shed light on what your brand should be doing in order to create an SEO competitive advantage in your market space. And creating fresh, information-centric content about your product and industry can take time to develop. You should also be creating different kinds of content in your SEO strategy such as blogging and videos, all of which take time to plan, create and share.

Placement and Partner Connectivity
In addition to creating content you want to share, research to determine who and where sharing this content would most benefit your brand. Linkbuilding to your site should come from sites with established authority, which can help boost your brand's visibility among the search engines. Research to target key linkbuilding opportunities needs to be conducted. Also, creating partnerships with key bloggers and influencers, like most mutually beneficial business relationships, take time to cultivate.

Google Values Time
"Quality vs. quantity" is a key SEO tenet because Google places more value in quality links and domain authority that is established over a period of time. Google monitors growth and if you spike your activity with an immense amount of low-quality, unimportant links that you purchased, you are ultimately diminishing your brand's reputation in the eyes of Google.

SEO strategies should grow organically with your brand. Sharing content, link building and purposeful positioning require a great deal of planning and strategy. So remember, patience, proper research and timely execution of a highly integrated SEO strategy provides your brand with exponential growth opportunity.

by Gonzalo Gil Google