Card-on-file eCommerce transactions

As your business grows, you may find yourself with a reliable base of regulars. This is especially likely for certain industries, such as cosmetics and pet supplies. Each purchase requires credit card information, of course, but that long string of numbers and all the identifying details can be a hassle to retype each time. If you depend on your repeat customers, you should reward them with an easier ordering experience.

Shift4Shop’s “Card-on-File” technology can speed up the checkout process by preserving the information for a preferred payment method. With our platform’s strong security and our payment processors’ tokenization, we make sure that this information stays between your customers and your website. Card on File makes it simpler for visitors to not just regularly place orders with your business, but also place their trust in you.

The ability to store credit card information for future purchases is an essential eCommerce feature, so it’s built right into Shift4Shop.


Top Features

  • Convert one-time customers and reward loyal regulars
  • Secure sensitive data with credit card tokenization
  • Encourage frequent visitors to create accounts on your site


Shift4Shop’s Card on File in Action


Card on File Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which payment gateways are compatible with Card on File?

Shift4Shop supports over 100 payment gateways, and many of them support credit card tokenization. This method of encryption and decryption allows returning customers to preserve their credit card information without any security risk. Examples of these gateways include Stripe, PayPal, USAePay, and Authorize.Net.

  • How does credit card tokenization work?

When someone submits their credit card information to a tokenized gateway, the software in that gateway replaces the credit card number with an alternative set of values, known as tokens. Once these tokens reach the processor itself, they get “detokenized” and revert back to the original number. When we say we keep the card on file, we actually mean the processor keeps these tokens, the ones used to disguise the card, on file.

  • Can customers use Card on File to automatically place recurring orders?

They can, but you would need to utilize Shift4Shop’s Autoship Program. With this feature, shoppers can sign up with a subscription service and order any products of their choice at regular intervals. Please note that this feature is only available for stores on the Pro Store plan.


Card on File Feature Testimonials

“Increasing your store’s popularity means optimizing the smaller details as well. One example is offering to save your customers’ credit card information — with appropriate security, of course. It may not seem like a feature that makes a difference, but frequent customers certainly appreciate the convenience, and they demonstrate that appreciation with their wallets”