Google Customer Reviews

eCommerce websites require constant updating and refining. When determining what is fine as it is and what could be improved, it always helps to know what your customers believe — after all, you are making these improvements for them. There are many different ways to figure out what they think, including various tests you could conduct and data you could collect. Of course, you can always just ask them yourself and get some feedback.

The Google Customer Reviews integration for Shift4Shop is an excellent tool for receiving private comments about your site. Through this program, customers can fill out surveys provided and arbitrated by Google. They rate their experience with a star rating between 1 and 5, and you can choose to display the average score as a badge of honor on your website. Google Customer Reviews, which replaces the Trusted Stores program, can help you show new visitors that you know how to satisfy them.

This integration is available for all Shift4Shop stores, so all our merchants can receive much-needed feedback.


Top Features

  • Place your Review Badge anywhere you want on your pages
  • Use the Google branding to prove the authenticity of your badge
  • Customize the style of the surveys


Google Customer Reviews Gallery


Google Customer Reviews Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are these reviews the same as the ones you see on Google search results?

No. Google Customer Reviews are not available to the public, and only store owners can see them. You can choose to display the aggregate rating on your website with a Review Badge, but what appears on the search results comes from Google Reviews, an entirely different program in which anyone can leave a public comment.

  • How can I know that I am receiving feedback from actual customers?

Google Customer Reviews are only available for people who make purchases on your website, which prevents random people who have never even visited your site from commenting on it. They receive the survey link in an email following the completion of the checkout process. That is another difference between this program and Google Reviews.

  • Can my Google Customers Reviews score appear anywhere outside of my website?

If you want, you can allow the score to appear on both Google Shopping and AdWords advertisements to help you sell on Google. This makes that score not just a badge of honor, but a selling point and a Google-facilitated seal of approval from current and past customers.


Google Customer Reviews Feature Testimonials

“Google Customer Reviews are valuable because you know that the reviewer actually saw your site and knows what they’re talking about. Plus, when people look up your website and see both a high rating and the logo of a big company like Google, they’ll enter in a snap.”