Saved Carts

Sometimes, a customer may need to return later to finish their purchase, and the ability to save their cart is a wonderful convenience. Some customers even prefer to save multiple carts for frequently-bought items. Others use them to save groups of items to recommend to friends and family. The ability to save carts is useful in many scenarios.

Shift4Shop has a built-in Saved Carts feature that allows customers to save multiple carts which they can access through their account at your store. From within their account, they can view and delete saved carts, use them to complete a purchase, and even email saved carts to share with others. You can allow customers to keep saved carts indefinitely, or have them automatically deleted once used to complete a purchase.

Top Features

  • Customers can save multiple carts and access them through their account for later retrieval
  • Customers can share their saved carts through email
  • Optional automatic deletion of saved carts after completing the purchase


Shift4Shop’s Saved Carts Feature Gallery

Saved Carts Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long do saved carts last?

Saved carts last until deleted, whether by the customer or a store administrator, or through automatic deletion after checkout.

  • What kind of email gets sent to a customer’s friends when they share their cart?

This email will explain that the customer is sharing a cart with the recipient and will list the items and your store name. You can edit the template for this email in the Email section under Design in Settings in your Shift4Shop Online Store Builder. The template to edit is “Saved Cart.”

  • What information is shown in the saved cart?

Saved carts are time-stamped and hold a list of items and their pricing subtotal. Promotion or coupon codes can be added inside the saved cart, and shipping costs can be calculated as well to arrive at a more precise total.


Saved Carts Feature Testimonials

“The Saved Carts feature has definitely contributed to my sales. From personal experience I know that on some online stores it’s really hard to get back to where you left off, so I wanted to make sure my customers had an easy way to save their purchases for later. I’ve noticed several customers making good use of the feature. I opted not to use the automatic deletion because it seems many of them buy the same items repeatedly, so it’s really convenient for them to reuse the same cart. Convenience is a huge deal for customers.”

August 20, 2018