Shift4Shop’s Promotion Scheduling Feature

Sometimes you might want to run a promotion that relies on strict timing. For example, maybe you want to set up a “flash sale” on your eCommerce website that only lasts for a few hours. Maybe you’re even thinking about running this type of sale every week. Naturally, promotions that rely on timing would take some extra effort from you, as you’d need to ensure you started and stopped the promotion at the right times.

With Shift4Shop’s Promotion Scheduler comes in handy. It expands on the tools already included in our Promotion Manager to give you more precise control over the timing of products going on sale. In addition to selecting a day for the promotion to start and stop, you can choose an exact time as well. You can also use the Promotion Scheduler to automatically apply a coupon code to all orders within a period of time, which expands the Promotion Scheduler to cover almost all types of promotions.

Top Features

  • Set a precise date and time for promotions on individual products
  • Set a timeframe during which a specific coupon code automatically applies to all orders
  • Excite your customers and lighten your workload at the same time with greater control over promotion timing


Promotion Scheduler Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is the Promotion Scheduler different from the scheduling in the regular Promotion Manager?

The regular Promotion Manager lets you choose a start and end date for promotions, but not a specific time. So, if you wanted to run a promotion where timing was important, you would need to accomplish this in other ways such as manually enabling and disabling the promotion. The Promotion Scheduler lets you define a specific time for promotions to start and end, so you don’t have to do it manually. This is especially useful if you want to create many timed promotions, as you can “set and forget” them and they will start and stop when you intended.

  • The description says I can use the Promotion Scheduler to put individual products on sale or to apply a coupon code to all purchases for the timeframe I set. How do I make it work with other types of promotions I can set up in the Promotion Manager, like free shipping or BOGO deals?

Simply create the promotion as normal within the Promotion Manager, and select the option to require a coupon code. Then use that coupon code when setting up the promotion in the Promotion Scheduler.

  • How do I get the Promotion Scheduler to work on my Shift4Shop store?

First, make sure you are using the Shift4Shop’s Plus plan or higher. Next, enable the module and also make sure the Scheduled Scripts module is enabled. If you want to run a promotion that starts on the same day you’ve set it up, make sure the promotion is set to activate after the Scheduled Script has already run. You’ll be able to see this in the Scheduled Scripts settings..


Promotion Scheduler Feature Testimonials

I like all the promotion tools in Shift4Shop and I experiment with them a lot. When I raised my plan and got the Promotion Scheduler it gave me even more options to experiment with. I really enjoy that I can put such tight timing on promotions, schedule a ton of them in advance, and have all kinds of sales events without needing to babysit my store