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Store Credit App for Online Shopping

Customers wanting to return items is an unavoidable part of the experience for eCommerce businesses. While this may seem like a completely negative situation, it can actually be an excellent opportunity for transforming disappointed customers into returning shoppers. Incorporating store credits into your store’s return policy is a useful method with more advantages than you may believe. That’s where the Store Credit app can help.

Store credits transfer the amount of money that a customer would otherwise receive from a refund to their next order. This gives them the satisfaction of getting more for their money while allowing the company to pocket the payment. They also have a higher chance of keeping the customer’s loyalty, instead of losing them to a competitor. Shift4Shop’s Store Credits module can help online stores keep track of the transfers and provide excellent customer service.



Top Features

  • Satisfy customers while keeping the payment from the original sale
  • Keep track of which accounts have store credits and when someone uses them
  • Simplify the returns process – no middlemen or extra steps needed

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Store Credits Frequently Asked Questions

  • How might someone prefer to get store credits instead of a full or partial refund?

There are plenty of reasons. Sometimes, people find it preferable to waiting for their credit card company to process a refund. Other times, people return products that cannot be resold after being used — making refunds much less feasible. There are also customers who simply believe that store credits result in a better deal.

  • Can store credits only be applied as part of the returns process?

You can issue store credits for any reason, whether it is as an alternative to a refund, as a reward for frequent buyers, or even as part of a marketing

  • How much control do I have over this feature?

The Store Credits feature provides users with plenty of control. Besides letting you decide when and under what circumstances you give store credits to customers, you can also control how many credits you issue. You can also issue credits to specific orders, as well as import and export them from their store.

Store Credits Feature Testimonials

“You’d be surprised at how many customers like store credits! Some people start looking for the next thing they want as soon as they realize they want to return something. Maybe the best part is that it makes it even likelier that I’ll see their business again. It’s a feature that benefits everyone”