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The success story

The success story The ability to customize a product is always going to be popular among shoppers. Whether they choose to add an image, a logo, a monogram, or other text, customers love to personalize their items because it adds something special. A customized product is often a more satisfying purchase, since the customer […]

The Keep Life Tasty success story

The Keep Life Tasty success story Imagine making a discovery by accident, sharing it with family and friends, and then realizing you have a potentially successful product. That’s exactly what happened to LLance and Lori Kezner when they ran out of their homemade salad dressing. The remaining garlic at the bottom of the jar proved […]

The Soteria Metal Roofs success story

The Soteria Metal Roofs success story Soteria Metal Roofs, based in Ontario, Canada, is a manufacturer and distributor of modern steel roofing systems. Their roofs combine all the durability and other advantages of metal roofs with the classic look of shingles. The company is a pure B2B supplier that sells only to other roofers, and […]

Venetian Bead Shop success story

The Venetian Bead Shop success story Sometimes the smallest thing can inspire a big change. When Brenda Nishimoto bought a Moretti glass necklace during a trip to Venice, Italy in 1984, few would have guessed that this would one day lead to a successful business focused on crafting and selling beautiful, intricate glass beads. But […]

The TruTech Tools success story

The TruTech Tools success story Since 2007, TruTech Tools, LTD has been a major supplier of testing equipment for energy auditors, HVAC/R technicians and home inspectors. Located in Akron, OH, the company has scaled quickly over its existence, outgrowing several offices and accommodating a growing staff of full-time employees. Bill Spohn founded TruTech Tools alongside […]

Babies in Rumparooz from Kanga Care

Kanga Care Reinvents Cloth Diapers and Makes them Affordable with Sezzle

The world’s best business ideas are born from personal experience, often to solve a problem someone has discovered in their own life. For Julie Ekstrom, that discovery came with the birth of her second daughter back in 2006. An unexpected need for cloth diapers led Julie down the road of entrepreneurship, and she founded Kanga […]

Aaron’s Homestead Breaks New Ground with Shift4Shop

When you start your own business, you may have what seems to be a firm idea of what services and products you will provide. However, fate may pull you in other directions and offer some interesting opportunities. As the people behind can attest, your business can seriously grow if you open yourself to new […]

Pearls of Joy

If you had a choice, would you decide to be the very best retailer of one type of product, or a mediocre retailer of numerous products? We’re betting you’d choose to be the best at what you do, and finding your niche is the first step. A good niche is a key factor for a […]

Om Vapors Reaches for the Clouds with Shift4Shop

In the past several years, the vaping industry has experienced vast growth. Leslie Sandusky and Benjamin McCalla first got into making their own e-liquids as a substitute for buying the often-overpriced liquids sold by many local retailers. After graduating college, they decided to start their own business. The two were uniquely prepared to enter the […]

The Finest Accessories

The Finest Accessories is a designer hair and fashion accessory business with a classic story of American entrepreneurship: from a garage-based home business, to a successful company with products on the shelves of the most popular department stores. For many of us, it can take a lifetime to realize our passions. For Laurie Erickson, the […]

Al Ghaf Launches in Dubai, UAE

Dubai is a well-known hub for shopping and trade in the Middle East, but eCommerce presents a new host of challenges. Ali Al Darwish sought a way to overcome those challenges when founding his online business, Al Ghaf. Based out of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, Al Ghaf sells all types of products ranging […]

Faith Vessels Pottery finds a new eCommerce platform

From BigCommerce to Shift4Shop: Featuring Faith Vessels Pottery for Worship Hue Parnell has been creating beautiful pottery for many years, and upon joining the church ministry in 2008 he received a request from a pastor friend for special pottery items to use in church services. One request became many, as pastors all over the area […]

Kitchen Restock Uses 3dboost for Modals

Kitchen Restock and 3dboost

Kitchen Restock sells commercial restaurant equipment to all types of customers throughout the United States, from big names like The HoneyBaked Ham Company and Ruth’s Chris Steak House to regular households just looking for the highest-quality appliances for their home kitchen.

eLeMeNO-Pee switches from Volusion to Shift4Shop

From Volusion to Shift4Shop: Featuring eLeMeNO-Pee Allison Crane founded her company eLeMeNO-Pee in Fayetteville, Arkansas in 2009 after she and her husband discovered the advantages of cloth diapers. Having welcomed their third child into the world, they decided to give natural cloth diapers a try. Making the switch away from disposables saved them a lot […]

Florida Tobacco Shop’s mobile-friendly design

Florida Tobacco Shop Enters the Future with Shift4Shop’s Responsive Design Services Since June 2014, Florida Tobacco Shop has been providing smoking connoisseurs with quality cigars and accessories sourced directly from manufacturers and wholesalers. Based in Miami, a city known for its brand loyalty and discerning tastes toward tobacco products, Florida Tobacco Shop has paid close […]

Ink 4 Cakes uses custom search with great results

Founded in 2007, Ink 4 Cakes specializes in edible products ranging from wafer paper, icing sheets, and edible printers with edible ink cartridges. The company features high quality, FDA-approved filtered edible ink, as well as kosher certified icing sheets and wafer paper. Struggling with search Through shopper surveys, Shift4Shop customer Ink 4 Cakes identified a […]

Clearly Susan gets results with responsive design

Clearly Susan Finds Niche with Charming Hand Painted Glassware Clearly Susan, based in Atlanta, Georgia, has been selling hand painted glassware, wine glasses, cake plates, dinnerware, serving pieces, furniture, pillows, and signs since 2001. The quaint, customer-favorite online store sells items for a myriad of occasions and holidays, including Thanksgiving, weddings, birthdays, Mothers’ Day, and […]

Sarabeth’s responsive site gets great feedback

Sarabeth’s Supremely Delicious, Wholesome Food Turns Brand into Household Name Sarabeth’s is a world-renowned brand and multichannel business, famous for their online catalog of delicious baked goods, jams, and specialty foods; retail package goods available through special and grocery channels; and restaurants, found throughout the world in locations such as the United States, Japan, S. […]

Just Poppin creates a popcorn empire with Shift4Shop Enjoys Taste of Sweet Success as Business Grows is the premier destination for gourmet and premium popcorn, selling hard to find varieties such as organic mushroom popcorn, hulless popcorn and heirloom kernels. A small, family-owned business based in Venice, Florida, is a favorite among discriminating popcorn connoisseurs, providing home poppers, small businesses, […]

Raven Crystals shines with responsive site design

Raven Crystals Transforms from Obsolete to Fab-u-lous with Responsive Design. Raven Crystals, based in Los Angeles and Ventura, CA, is a world-renowned crystals and mineral specimens providers, aiding customers in physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing since 2011. Offering unique, rare and hard to find items, Raven Crystals products, unparalleled in quality, have provided the […]

Morgan Sports’ sales nearly triple with Shift4Shop

Morgan Sports Sales Nearly Triple After Joining Shift4Shop Morgan Sports, based in Shellharbour, NSW, Australia, is an industry-leading wholesaler and supplier of combat sports and functional fitness equipment since 1988. In their 5 short years with Shift4Shop, Morgan Sports has triumphed in big ways; their sales have nearly tripled, their catalog has grown to include […]

SoftwareCW solves design issues by using Shift4Shop

SoftwareCW’s Ecommerce Journey: Shifting Lanes and Moving Forward Whether you’re just getting off the ground in your online business or you’re in the middle of your ecommerce journey, there comes a time when you find yourself stuck in a rut or perhaps unable to move forward because of a certain hindrance. This is exactly what SoftwareCW experienced. They got […]

Lukie Games finds the ideal eCommerce platform

Lukie Games Scores 27% Sales Jump with Help from Shift4Shop and SearchSpring Since 2005, Lukie Games has sold new and used video games, systems and equipment online for brands like NES, SNES, N64, Sega, Playstation and Gameboy. The company started as a side-project for cofounders Jesse and Sara Cover, who began selling Nintendo games on […]

Stem Footwear launches their brand with Shift4Shop

Stem Footwear Strolls into the Spotlight with Shift4Shop and Marketing Media Launched in September 2011, Stem Footwear sells minimalist “barefoot” shoes for men and women made from air-infused rubber that helps customers walk more naturally. Advocates of the “barefoot running” movement, the Pennsylvania-based company’s shoes help introduce customers to a way of walking that helps […]

Boxiecat excels with subscription cat litter delivery

Boxiecat Automates Subscription Cat Litter Delivery with Shift4Shop Founded in 2011, Boxiecat ( is a subscription cat litter service that empowers cat-owners with the ability to set-and-forget high-quality litter deliveries. Born of the constant need for cat-lovers to restock on litter, the online store allows customers to schedule and customize litter stock for delivery straight […]

Corvette Mods accelerates with smart marketing

Three Months of High-Octane SEO Boost Sales 48 Percent for Corvette Mods Founded in 2007, Corvette Mods is an online retail store dedicated to selling interior, exterior and performance modifications for Chevrolet’s popular Corvette sports car. Based in Fort Worth, TX, the company features more than 1,100 different Corvette-related modification products. Racing from the Auction […]

Custom Sports Sleeves hits an SEO home run

Inside Custom Sports Sleeves’ Playbook: Online Retail by Design Custom Sports Sleeves ( is a top global manufacturer of sports compression gear. The company is dedicated to providing the highest level of quality in all of its compression products. Using the latest design trends and the most technologically advanced sports performance fabric, Custom Sports Sleeves […]

TruTech switches to 3dcart and outgrows an office

TruTech Tools’ Blueprint for Online Retail Success: 1000 Percent Growth in First Year with 3dcart Since 2007, TruTech Tools has been a veteran-owned and operated supplier of testing equipment for energy auditors, HVAC/R technicians and home inspectors. Located in Akron, OH, the company has scaled quickly over its existence, outgrowing four offices and accommodating five […]

Quadrocopter reaches new horizons with Shift4Shop

Quadrocopter’s Fully Custom eCommerce Website Takes Off with Shift4Shop, Grows to Multimillion Dollar Business in 2 Years Located in northwest Montana, Quadrocopter is a fully MikroKopter licensed corporation with the goal to provide its clients with the foremost solutions for all multi-rotor aerial applications. The online store offers the industry’s vastest selection of professional grade […]

Allparts Music Corporation switches to Shift4Shop

Allparts Saves Thousands, Logs 2 Million Monthly Page Views After Switching to Shift4Shop Allparts Music Corporation has provided guitar and bass parts to manufacturers, wholesalers, musicians, luthiers, retail stores and guitar repair shops all over the world since 1982. With more than 5,000 products in its Houston, TX warehouse, the company is the world’s largest […]

RV Parts Store hits the road to success

RV Parts Store Enjoy Six Years on the Road to Ecommerce Success with Shift4Shop American RV Company brings 50+ years of combined RV experience to the recreational vehicle parts market. The online store features more than 12,500 RV related parts, including antennas, hitches, kitchenware, lighting and more. It started as a manufacturer in 2005 before […]

New Mexico Tea Company steeps in success

With Shift4Shop, New Mexico Tea Company is Moving Full Steam Ahead Like many prospective entrepreneurs, David Edwards didn’t go to school to learn how to run a business. In fact, David set out to study photography and graphic design only to discover that life had different plans. In the middle of his collegiate efforts, David […]

Peak Performance Ski Shop leaps to new heights

In October 1988, Fred and Denise Coriell opened the doors to their family-operated, seasonal brick-and-mortar ski shop on Killington Access Road, just one mile from the lifts at the infamous Killington Resort in Vermont. What started as a modest 1500 sq ft retail space has expanded to over 3100 sq ft and an online store […]