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Migrating To 3dcart's Platform From Other Shopping Carts

As a small business owner, setting up an online store can be quite a daunting task. Design, responsiveness, user capabilities, and back-end reports all need to be properly configured, monitored and updated. To make online storefront creation easier and more manageable for small businesses, eCommerce platform providers such as eBay employ service providers that allow business owners to set up eCommerce stores that are as user friendly as they are owner friendly.

For the last several years eBay has offered small online retailers ProStores and Magenta Go services. Business owners using either service were able to set up a storefront and update their stores to reflect current inventory...until now. eBay has announced that as of February 1, 2015, ProStores and Magenta Go will no longer be in service, forcing all small business operated storefronts to find an alternative eCommerce platform.

This is becoming a trend for major online eCommerce platforms, they are absolving their small business platforms in favor of positioning their services to large online retailers. But what happens to your small business when your eCommerce platform pulls out the rug from underneath your growing online store? You're ultimately forced to move.

So if you're a smaller online business, and have either outgrown your current eCommerce platform or are forced to make a change due to platform closings, you don't have to lose your storefront's integrity. You want to keep your store and brand recognizable to current clients and search engines, and migrating your store to a new eCommerce platform, such as 3dcart is the way to do so.

Migrating to 3dcart's eCommerce platform introduces your store to new designs, expert technical support and SEO services that will help expand your business. Click here to find out just how easy 3dcart makes it to migrate your store from your existing provider.

by Gonzalo Gil Google