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Product Pictures Say a Thousand Words
Product Pictures Say a Thousand Words

As a retailer, it’s important to spend a lot of time on your product copy. But it may be even more important to put more time and energy into your product pictures.

Images are a powerful part of why online shopping has taken off in the first place. To drag shoppers out of the malls and onto their computers, online retailers needed to appeal to strong sensual stimuli—and pictures are eye-candy. Including pictures on your product pages is a must. But, if you want to take your product marketing a step further, adding a professional flair to your product images can have a powerful effect.

To help enhance the way you use product pictures, take a look at the tips below.

When it’s possible, show your product in action.
To help the customer visualize how they would use the product, be sure to include a picture of someone using the product. It helps the visualization process along, increasing the chance of a purchase.

Help customers visualize customizable products.
If you’re selling t-shirts or another customizable product, include pictures of the product in different colors or with other customization elements so shoppers can get a feel for their purchases.

Use high-res images to give the impression of high-quality products.
Picture quality counts. Even a high-quality product may look subpar if featured in a low-quality picture. Use high-res images wherever you can to enhance perceived product quality.

Include reference points so shoppers get an idea of sizing.
If size is customizable or an important part of the purchase, be sure to include a reference point in the picture to help shoppers visualize how large or small the item is.

Show multiple pictures.
One picture may not be enough to convince the shopper to buy. Post a picture of the item itself, plus pictures of the item in action, customization options and different angles.

by Gonzalo Gil Google