What is the Alexa rank?

Alexa rank is a website that provides commercial web traffic data and analytics. A sites Alexa rank is determined by a complicated algorithm consisting of website traffic, time spent on the site, and formulas to correct for biases. Alexa ranking largely checks for a site’s popularity, and is most accurate for rankings between 1 and 100,000. With that in mind, remember that Alexa rankings work best when the data is used in conjunction with other analytical tools.

Alexa provides a number of free analytical tools for websites; but, for a nominal fee, users can track their site more comprehensively. When a user signs up for this service, they are given a JavaScript code to install on their website. This code will provide them with a certified Alexa ranking each month. For those that have sites ranking over 100,000 it will provide a more accurate result.

How is Alexa rank calculated?

Alexa rankings are determined through website traffic, and time spent on the website, all through data that has been collected over the span of three months. There is an Alexa toolbar that will help Alexa calculate data, but this toolbar must be installed. Alexa has improved their calculations recently by allowing website owners to sign up for “certified statistics” for a small fee.  This feature, combined with the 25,000 plug-in extensions and data sourced from third party providers has significantly improved their data collection algorithm. Alexa is a valuable tool for evaluating where a site stands amidst their competition.

How can I check my Alexa rank?

Alexa rankings can be checked by navigating to the Alexa website and entering a domain or by using a free Alexa Rank Checker. From there it will provide an analytics page full of valuable information. It shows the Alexa traffic ranking (global ranking and US ranking), the audience geography (showing where viewers are in the world), bounce rate, page views, time on site, where visitors originate from, sites that link back to yours, and similar websites. That is a significant amount of valuable analytics available to help develop a personal brand and website. This information, especially when paired with other analytical data, provides a comprehensive view of a sites performance when compared to other sites within its niche.

How can I improve my Alexa ranking?

                Alexa ranking is based on your website traffic, therefore, the key to increasing your Alexa ranking is to increase your site traffic.  To do so, focus on improving the quality of your content, and focus on your website’s SEO.  While Alexa does not measure for SEO, it does measure site traffic.  By ensuring that content is SEO driven, more people will naturally land on the site. While working to improve quality of content, also consider increasing the length of content. This will give other sites information they can link back to, as well as keep your visitors on site longer

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