What is an ASIN Number?

An ASIN number (Amazon Standard Identification Number) is what allows Amazon to keep track of all of the products available in their online (and massive) catalog. Because ASIN numbers are unique, they act as identifiers for consumers looking to buy a certain product on Amazon. But, because they are designed to be unique identifiers, sellers on Amazon who violate ASIN terms can end up losing their seller status altogether. That’s why it’s important to understand exactly what an ASIN number is and how you use them appropriately as an Amazon seller.


ASIN Number Basics

ASIN numbers have ten alphanumeric characters that are assigned by Amazon. Because these numbers are used to identify products, they’re an important part of selling online. For books, ISBN numbers act in the same way as ASIN numbers. Sometimes you’ll find another product in a different marketplace with the same ASIN, which can be confusing. However, this happens across international marketplaces and won’t affect your ability to sell (or your customers’ ability to find your products) on Amazon.


New or Existing ASIN?

In the Amazon world, you’ll overhear different sellers talking about creating a brand new ASIN or just using an existing one. All of the same product should have the same ASIN so that customers know where to find what they’re looking for. While some products might have variations (like colors and sizes), this doesn’t change the ASIN number. Across the board for a single product, the ASIN should stay the same.

That means that the only time you should use an existing ASIN is if you’re selling a product that already exists and is listed on Amazon. Even though an existing ASIN might show up for a product you want to sell, that doesn’t mean you can’t sell your product. Instead, you’ll just create a new offer under that same ASIN.

Creating a new ASIN should happen if the product you’re selling is unique to Amazon, meaning no one else is selling exactly what you are. If this is the case, a new ASIN number will be created and given to you by Amazon. In most cases, new ASIN numbers are given to brand owners, business owners with private label products, and sellers that have received exclusive distribution rights for Amazon.


The Importance of ASIN Numbers on Amazon

As product identifiers, ASIN numbers are important on Amazon because they allow products to be found, tracked, and organized. In terms of keeping track of inventory, ASIN numbers are essential. Without ASIN numbers, all of Amazon’s online catalog would fall apart, which is exactly why they’re so strict with them. Because ASIN numbers can be used directly in the search bar online, Amazon is relying that the one specific product a consumer is looking for will be pulled up. If it’s not, then Amazon’s search results are no longer accurate — or even relevant.


Finding Your ASIN Number

There are three places where you can quickly find your Amazon ASIN number:

1. Located in the web address for your product page
2. Listed on your product details page
3. By using an ASIN software tool

The first place (your web address) is by far the fastest and easiest way to spot your ASIN number. Just look for the “dp” in the address and you’ll see your ASIN number listed directly after.

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