What is a 3dcart App?

Also called a module, a 3dcart app is a plugin to expand the features of your store. Many 3dcart apps are already built in, but more can be installed to further extend functionality and integrations. You can find 3dcart apps at https://apps.3dcart.com/. Some 3dcart apps allow integration between your store and a third party service which provides advanced features such as advanced search, address verification, or more detailed statistics. Some apps require a fee for use, but many are free.

How do apps help my 3dcart store?

The goal of 3dcart’s app store is to provide you with options to add new 3dcart features, or even expand your store in ways outside the normal bounds of 3dcart by connecting you with third parties that can provide you with eCommerce services. The benefit of the 3dcart apps is that they provide a way for the third party services to “plug in” to your store, allowing them to integrate seamlessly, rather than having to figure it out yourself and hope for the best.

What are some examples of 3dcart Apps?

  • Facebook Connect – Allows visitors to log into your store using their Facebook account.
  • Address Verification – Checks a U.S. shipping destination with the USPS address matching system, preventing incorrect deliveries.
  • 3dLive Chat – Allows you to chat live with your customers while they browse your store, enabling you to instantly answer their questions.
  • FraudWatch – Helps you minimize the risk of fraudulent transactions by scoring purchases against common indicators of suspicious behavior.
  • Autoship – Allows customers to create automatically recurring orders with automatic billing.

Can I make a 3dcart App?

You sure can! We welcome developers to create apps for use with 3dcart. Our Knowledgebase can tell you how to get started.

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