The Benefits of Checkout by Amazon

Looking for more ways to integrate the Amazon brand into your online store? Aligning your online store with a trusted brand helps increase loyalty, drive more conversions and create more return customers.

Checkout by Amazon presents your customers with a familiar payment process, powered by one of the most popular online retail stores on the web. Integrating Checkout by Amazon is a simple task that helps diversify payment options for your customers. The right shopping cart software should include easy ways to tie Amazon services into your storefront.

Making Checkout by Amazon an option for your online store comes with some great benefits, including:

  • Reduced Cart Abandonment:Familiarity and convenience stemming from Amazon’s popularity as the biggest online store simplifies the payment process for customers. As a result, Checkout by Amazon can help reduce cart abandonment in a big way.
  • Increased Trust in Your Brand:Looking to build strong credibility for your store? Save time building that credibility from scratch by leveraging Amazon’s reputation as one of the most trusted brands on the web.
  • New Customers:Through Checkout by Amazon, you can attract new customers—and online store testimonials prove it. Form immediate bonds of trust with potential new customers by showcasing a large, credible brand.
  • Return Customers:Making the checkout process simple and trustworthy is a great way to encourage first-time customers to return for more. Checkout by Amazon helps you build better brand loyalty.
  • Enhanced Security:Through Checkout by Amazon, the burden of security rests on Amazon, so you and your customers know you’re getting world-class security for all of your transactions. That kind of security can be another driving factor for encouraging better brand loyalty and trust for your online store.

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