What are Website Conversions?

Conversion is the act of getting your visitors to follow through with your desired action, such as signing up for a newsletter or, most commonly, turning a viewer of your website into a customer through successful marketing. Conversion can be in response to a call to action on your part, such as sending out an email, or to a customer’s own observations, such as visiting your website. In both cases your success is heavily dependent on the quality of your marketing and how well you appeal to that particular visitor.

What is the goal of conversion?

There are many possible goals for conversion and the goal defines the type of action you wish the visitor to complete. For example, your goal could be to build an email list, so in that case a conversion would occur when a customer enters their email into a signup form on your site. Successfully getting people to complete any of your desired actions is a conversion. You can even have conversions inside of other conversions, such as a call-to-action button inside an email: when a subscriber opens the email, that’s one conversion, and when they click the button, that’s another. Of course, all types of conversions usually work toward the ultimate conversion: making a sale.

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