What is a Press Kit?

Press kits, or media kits, are an incredibly important part of your brand’s marketing strategy. If you want your company or brand to get talked about in the media (and as often as possible), then having a high-quality, easy-to-access, professional press kit is absolutely essential. Not only is a press kit the easiest way for reporters, journalists, and other content creators to get the info they need quickly, but it also makes your life easier because you don’t have to respond to loads of emails and inquiries, trying to pull together all of the information you need last minute.

In today’s world, most press kits are no longer printed or physical. Instead, press kits have become electronic (sometimes referred to as EPKs, or electronic press kits). But, although the medium has changed, the purpose of a press kit hasn’t been altered. At the end of the day, all press kits are a thoughtfully created thumbprint of your brand or company, a beautiful, enticing package that contains everything the press would want to know about you (and, what you want them to know about you).

In order to make press kits effective in today’s highly competitive press world, you need to ensure that it’s covering all of its bases. That means that, whether a journalist or a social media influencer, anyone who views your press kit will have the information and content they need to create a compelling, potentially viral story.

Whether your business is already firmly planted in its success or you’re just getting off the ground, a press kit should be at the top of your to-do list. And, in order to be effective, it should be updated regularly, adding new, relevant information that will make journalists, reporters, and influencers want to check back in with you regularly.

While there are a few different places to keep your press kit, including as an email-able PDF, one of the easiest and most effective spots is right on your website. For a lot of companies, it makes sense to include a link in the footer of the homepage, a place that almost all content creators look if they’re wanting to learn more about a specific brand.

Of course, there’s no “secret” formula to creating a press kit that gets used regularly. But, there are some essentials that should definitely be included in order to make sure you check all of the boxes. Those items are:

Information About Your Company. First and foremost, you want your press kit to include your brand’s story, the “why” you’re in business and doing what you do. You should also include other pertinent company information, like number of employees, the year it was started, where you’re located, etc. Making this section as personal as possible is key to creating a great story, so definitely consider including team bios as well. And, don’t forget to include contact information.

Numbers and Data. The more in-depth and tangible your press kit can be, the better. Most of the effective press kits you’ll find include a combination of press releases and other press coverage, fact sheets about products and services, as well as case studies conducted. Awards you’ve received as a company or brand should also be mentioned in your press kit.

High Resolution Digital Artwork. Anyone wanting to publish content about your brand needs to have artwork to accompany their story. Your press kit should be an easy place for them to get access to just that. Include your logo (with a transparent background) and other high-resolution professional photographs. All of these images and media should be easy to download.

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