What is Google Wallet?

Commonly referred to as a virtual wallet, Google Wallet, or Google Pay, is a completely mobile payment system that can be accessed quickly and easily from your phone. Free to use, Google Wallet stores information from your cards (including credit cards, debit cards, and gift cards) so that you don’t have to carry them with you – or dig through other cards and items to find them.

Compatible with Android and Apple smartphones, Google Wallet keeps your information safe by storing it remote on its own system, rather than right on your phone. This, of course, means that if your phone gets picked up by someone other than you, all of your card information is still safe and secure. So, when you use Google Wallet to pay for a service or item, the transaction actually happens between Google and the payment processor being used by your merchant.

Because transactions that happen with Google Wallet are processed the same as any other card purchase, there are no real downsides (like extra fees) to using the service. Of course, in order to leverage the convenience of Google Wallet, the merchant you’re working with must have their POS (Point of Sale) system configured specifically for it. Thankfully, as more and more stores become familiar with the advantages of Google Wallet, it’s easier than ever to find places that accept it as a form of payment.

Here are some of the major benefits of using Google Wallet or Google Pay.

  • Fast and simple payment method for online and in-store purchases
  • All of your card information is saved in one easy and secure place, which means you’ll never worry about losing or forgetting your cards again.
  • Use the virtual wallet to pay friends and family without ever needing to use email addresses or phone numbers. (You can also get paid, too, of course!)
  • Google Wallet takes security seriously by using an encrypted number when you pay in stores to help prevent fraud and theft.
  • Take advantage of card rewards programs with Google Pay so that you can get your points and earn all of your rewards and cash back.

Google Wallet and Google Pay are here to stay, which makes adopting them right now in your daily life a smart move. Around the world, you’ll find more and more cities embracing this mobile form of payment. In cities like Chicago, London, Las Vegas and Portland, you can easily spend an entire day shopping, eating, and getting from Point A to Point B with just your Google Wallet.

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